Transient Students

Student walking down a hall

Students Visiting MGA

  • Are you currently attending an accredited college/university and wish to take courses at MGA for one semester and transfer those courses back to your home institution?
  • You are not seeking to complete a degree at MGA.


Financial Aid Information for Transient Students

Consortium Agreement

Transient students may visit the Registrar’s Office in Cochran or Macon to register, or they may phone or email the office.

  • Office of the Registrar Macon – Student Life Center, 2nd floor. 478.471.2900;
  • Office of the Registrar Cochran – Grace Hall, 1st floor. 478.934.3036;

Current MGA students seeking transient admission at other institutions, please visit the Registrar’s Office for more information. 

Virtual Advisor