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Academic Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Biology-B.S. (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon)
  • Contemporary Musicianship-B.A. (Curriculum)


    • Classical (Macon)
    • Commercial (Macon)
  • English-B.A. (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon)
  • History-B.A. (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies-B.A. (Curriculum)


    • Selected Discipline (Cochran, Macon, Online, Online-MGA, Direct)
    • Gender Studies (Cochran, Macon, Online, Online-MGA, Direct)
    • International Studies (Cochran, Macon, Online, Online-MGA, Direct)
  • Mathematics-B.S. (Curriculum) (Macon)
  • New Media and Communications-B.A. (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon)
  • Political Science-B.S. (Curriculum) (Cochran)

Associate's Degrees

Graduate Certificates

Certificates (< 1 year)


Transfer Programs

  • Engineering Studies-Transfer (Curriculum) (Cochran, Dublin, Macon, Warner Robins)