Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Center) merges work being done at MGA on the Warner Robins campus while solving software problems of regional businesses, creating a space for entrepreneurs, and building the workforce of the future to directly support the shifting mission of Robins Air Force Base and the business community at-large.

The Center supports both Robins AFB and the local business community by expanding technological excellence, business development, and new career pathways in the region. Informative seminars and workshops prepared by faculty, business, and community leaders add to the innovation and business acumen of small business leaders.   

Who will use the Center?

  • MGA students,
  • Business start-ups
  • Non-profit start-ups
  • Innovators

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday October 3, 2023 - "Communicating Through Story Telling Part 3: Qualitative Data Analysis"
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm, Walker Auditorium, Administrative Services Building

"Communicating Through Storytelling Part 3: Qualitative Data Analysis" is an engaging lecture that delves into the intersection of storytelling and qualitative data analysis. In this session, we explore how storytelling can enhance the interpretation and communication of qualitative data, unlocking valuable insights and creating meaningful narratives.

The lecture begins by highlighting the significance of qualitative data in understanding human experiences, perceptions, and behaviors. We discuss the unique characteristics of qualitative data and the challenges and opportunities they present for effective communication. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of various qualitative research methods, including interviews, observations, and focus groups, and how these methods generate rich narratives.

The result are valuable insights and practical skills to leverage storytelling using qualitative data. You will leave with a toolkit for effectively communicating qualitative findings through compelling narratives, enabling you to inspire action, drive impact, and engage audiences in a meaningful way.

While it is helpful to have attended Parts 1 and 2 of this workshop, it is not required.

Speaker: Marc Miller, PhD,  Professor and Dean of the School of Business and Health Administration


Tuesday, October 10, 2023 – “Improving Organizational Performance with LEAN”
Time: 5:30 to 7:00pm, Walker Auditorium, Administrative Services Building

Speed and value are two critical success factors in today’s market.  Whether you operate a service business, a logistics company, or a manufacturer, the principles of LEAN are a valuable tool in your organizational toolkit.  In this presentation, participants will be introduced to three important elements of LEAN.  Participants will learn how value-stream mapping can increase value-added services and reduce barriers that take away from business success.  They will also learn how to eliminate the 8 elements of waste to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Finally, the participants will learn how the I CARE model is used to improve your overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Speaker: Dr. James Blackburn, Associate Provost, Professor of Practice, Middle Georgia State University


Tuesday – Tuesday, November 7, 8, & 9, 2023 – “Business Model Blitz: Turning Ideas into Actions”
Time: 5:30 to 7:00pm each night, Walker Auditorium, Administrative Services Building

Back again for the Fall! The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the City of Warner’s “StartUp WR”, will host a three-evening business model workshop. Those entrepreneurs interested in starting a business, converting their “Big Idea” into a money maker, or grow their existing business to the next level are welcome to attend.  In these workshops, participants will be introduced to the Business Model Canvas (BMC).  The BMC examines 9 building blocks that are essential to any business.  A seasoned entrepreneurial team may use the BMC to examine existing lines of business or explore new opportunities.  The entrepreneur may use the BMC to organize a business model to guide business activities and increase the probability of success.

Participants will learn about:

  • Big Idea generation,
  • Customer acquisition,
  • Business operations,
  • Financial management, and
  • Regulatory requirements.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be ready to take the next step of their entrepreneurial journey.

Workshop Facilitators:
Dr. James Blackburn, Associate Provost, Professor of Practice, Middle Georgia State University
Kate Hogan,  Director of Community and Economic Development, City of Warner Robins



Unless otherwise noted: All presentations are in the auditorium located in the Academic Services Building on the Middle Georgia State University – Warner Robins Campus


Dr. James Blackburn
Associate Provost, Academic Innovation