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Experiential Learning@MGA engages students to think critically and creatively within an experiential learning environment, deepening learning and intensifying the educational impact of the experience.

Through the Experiential Learning@MGA initiative, departments and programs will offer students an array of experiential learning (EL) opportunities reflecting the diversity of the students and communities we serve, the disciplines we teach, and the needs of our region. These opportunities will include internships, undergraduate research, and service learning, all of which are identified by scholars of higher education as “high-impact practices” contributing to student success.

The University expects Experiential Learning@MGA to improve students' abilities to:

  • explain the values and behaviors of professionalism, social awareness, and civic responsibility as the foundation for experiential learning
  • use academic knowledge in professional, real-world contexts to prepare them for their chosen career field.
  • critically analyze, evaluate, and test academic knowledge in professional, real-world contexts.
Beginning Fall 2020, following the 5th year of the QEP and the institutionalization of experiential learning efforts, students will become eligible for distinction as an Experiential Learning Graduate by completing a series of Experiential Learning / High Impact Practice Courses . 


Experiential Learning Graduate Distinction

Eligible students enrolled in an associate or bachelor degree program are eligible to receive Experiential Learning Graduate Distinction if they meet the following requirements.

  • Successfully complete 3 or more Experiential Learning / High Impact Practice Courses (service learning, undergraduate research, work-based learning, and capstone courses). 

An official notice that the student has met the distinction requirements will appear on the student’s MGA academic record.

Curriculum For The Experiential Learning Graduate Distinction

During the course of matriculation students may take 3 or more of the following courses and earn distinction or elect to take 3 courses totaling 9 credit hours or more. A list of those courses may be found here and designated with the @symbol in the online course schedule