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Academy News Archive

Karice DavisKarice Davis in her own words on serving others...

Earlier this October Karice Davis served on the Youth Council of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA). The Youth Council was responsible for formulating panels and questions for the panels at the upcoming Youth Summit. The focus this year was "Know Your Rights" and our goal was to educate young black men and women about the legal system and how to properly interact with those who are in it. 

“Serving on this committee really opened my eyes to the impact that social injustices have on people of color in my community. I always knew that police brutality was a huge hardship that many have had to face, but it did not occur to me that this was a problem that was so close to home. In the news and on social media, I hear people make statements about how these situations could happen to anyone. It could be my own mother, my own brother. Serving on the Youth Council really showed this to me. When I looked over all of the people who had come out to be a part of the summit, I saw many men and women who could have been my parents, many boys, and girls who could have been siblings of mine. Seeing so many young people come out to see how they could do their part in the community really encouraged me to remember to keep doing mine.   I want to continue to be a voice for those who may not have one. I want to keep striving for change and pushing others to do the same. Working to make a difference in my community has already been successful. Now, I want for that success to continue to grow.”


Georgia Academy at the Air Show

Academy Participation in the Heart Of Georgia Air Show

On September 30 th, a group of 10 Georgia Academy students, along with Ms. Susan Collins, volunteered at the 3 rd Annual Heart of Georgia Air Show. The students arrived at 9 a.m., and helped set up, manage lines, run bouncy houses, and make sure everyone had a safe and fun time. Once the event was over at 3 p.m., the students went around and cleaned up the area, making sure there was no trash left behind.


Academy Students in the News

MGA Theatre Cochran Presents Pandemic-Influenced Play Created By Students

pandemic play The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting live theatre perhaps more than any other art form.

Social distancing makes it difficult – impossible in many cases – for audiences to gather in theaters to watch live performances. Production choices are limited when stage actors must stay six feet apart and wear masks.

Read more about the play.


Expect Chills & Thrills at Science Club’s 2020 Haunted Lab: The Science of Plagues

the haunted lab Just in time for Halloween, Dr. Sharon Mozley-Standridge and student members of Middle Georgia State University's Science Club plan to give us a few spine-tingling examples. With the participation of other students and faculty members, they are hosting the third annual "Haunted Lab" from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 27, on the Cochran Campus.

Read more about the Haunted Lab.


Finding Greatness: Sarah Choi

Sarah Choi Georgia Academy student Sarah Choi, a biology major, has received a full scholarship to attend Yale University this fall. Georgia Academy at Middle Georgia State University (MGA) is a residential option for high school students to earn college credit while simultaneously competing high school.

Read more about her future endeavors.



Julia Davis Julia Davis, a student leader at MGA's residential program for dual-enrollment students, is working toward an Aerospace Engineering degree and, she hopes, Navy flight school.

Read more about her future endeavors.


Finding Greatness: Odell Blackmon

Odell Blackmon Odell Blackmon III, a dual-enrollment student at MGA's Georgia Academy, is preparing for the world of tech startups.

Learn more about this tech-savvy Georgia Academy student.


The Next Big Thing? MGA Students Steer Healthcare Startup

MGA Student Healthcare Start Up Big ideas often begin in the small dorm rooms of college and university campuses.

Find out how Georgia Academy students are reinventing the wheel when it comes to healthcare.


Students Trading High School Experience for an Early Start in College

Academy Students in the News Through Georgia’s D ual Enrollment program (previously called Move On When Ready) students can fulfill their high school class requirements while earning college credits.

Explore the benefits of Dual Enrollment.