Center of Cyberforensic Operations

The Center of Cyberforensics Operations provides direction and resources to increase awareness of cyberforensics through education, training, and services. The Center is a collaboration between the Advanced Cyberforensics Education Consortium, faculty members at Middle Georgia State University, other educational institutions, and members of the local business community.

Through CoCO, Middle Georgia State's BSIT with a concentration in Cyber Forensics earned the designation as a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE) by the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). The National Centers of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE) is a partnership between academia, standards bodies, and the US Government to establish best practices for digital forensics education. Upon successful graduation from a CDFAE designated school, students will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate can be exchanged for its corresponding DoD certification when the student is employed with a federal employer or federal contractor.

The Center provides direction to Middle Georgia State University in offering courses, modules, and workshops, to support the discipline of cyberforensics. The center has limited ability to assist law enforcement with computer and mobile forensic investigations.

The Center, in partnership with other educational institutions in Georgia and the southeast U.S., seeks to develop and coordinate programs, curriculum, and articulation agreements in cyberforensics.

The Center for Cyberforensic Operations resides within the School of Information Technology, located in the Professional Sciences Center on the main campus of Middle Georgia State University.

For questions or comments about the center feel free to contact Director of CoCO, Johnathan Yerby, Ph.D.

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