Finding Greatness: Joshua Dean

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 2:08 PM
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Macon, GA

Joshua Dean
Study abroad participant Joshua Dean will begin a career this fall teaching French at Central High School.

Full Name: Joshua Jacques Dean.

Age: 22.

Hometown: Macon.

Residence: Lizella.

High School: "I served as the president of our DECA organization, the president of the African
American Brotherhood organization and was selected to serve on the Student Council of the Board
of Education."

Family: "I owe a great deal to my father, my mother and my grandmother for providing invaluable
support throughout my life."

Employment: "I currently work part-time in the administration office of Macon-Bibb Parks and
Recreation. The greatest benefit of this job is being able to coach kids in various sports."

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Arts in English, Associate of Arts in French.

Class Rank: Senior.

Primary Campus: Macon.

Activities: Contributing writer, Fall Line Review, MGA's literary magazine.

Career Goals: "I will begin teaching French at Central High School in the fall. I would like to
teach French for about five years or more while composing theatrical works on the side. William
Shakespeare, Charles Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett are huge influences on my writing and literary thinking. Eventually, I would like to enter education administration."

He chose Middle Georgia State University because ... "It seemed like a smart choice. I am of the
belief that one shouldn't spend too much money in undergrad if one plans to enter grad school.
This University's affordability afforded me an ease of mind when I took out some loans to study
abroad the previous summers. Furthermore, I find the Macon Campus beautiful."

The greatest thing he discovered about Middle Georgia State was ... "The courses are challenging.
The professors challenge students and expect them to accept the challenge. One can go anywhere with a degree from Middle Georgia State University."

His greatest academic experience so far has been ... "Studying abroad twice in Paris, France. My favorite professor, Dr. Sabrina Wengier, taught the French courses during study abroad in the summer of 2014. I was able to dramatically improve my ability to speak and comprehend French in
her course. She was able to make learning French entertaining and include some aspects of French culture. Bravo, Dr.Wengier!"

To him, greatness means ... "Greatness is measured by one's ability to inspire. At Middle Georgia
State we have professors that have inspired me and allowed me to grow in directions that I never
would have envisioned being possible. The English department and the Media, Culture and the Arts department are beyond great. The manner in which they encourage me to think uncommonly is remarkable."

One thing people don't know about him is ... "I am impatient, but that has helped me to achieve.
impatient. Most people believe that being impatient is a flaw. Sometimes it is. However, wanting
to finish something or begin a new hobby can work in your favor. I believe more people would be
successful if they were more impatient."

The one person he would most like to meet is ... "A relative from my ancestors' native land. I
feel void of heritage. The thought of not knowing where my ancestors hail from is frustrating,
especially because I travel internationally and could easily visit the land of my people."

In five years ... "I want to finish my Master of Arts in Teaching in the French language while
working closely with Central High's Fine Arts program. I also plan to begin my master's in
Educational Leadership during this time. I hope to play a role in the theater program at Central
High. During my interview for the teaching job, I learned that Central students recently put on
the play, 'Waiting for Godot.' I knew then that this would be an excellent opportunity for me."