Finding Greatness: Tara Tourville

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, June 13, 2016 2:23 PM
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Macon, GA

MGA English grad Tara Tourville just completed Mercer University law school.

Full Name:
Tara Danielle Tourville.

Age: 26.

Hometown and Residence: Warner Robins.

Family: "My immediate family consists of my husband, Alex Tourville; mother, Janice Wrenn; stepfather, Steve Wrenn; father, Thomas Scroggins; stepmother, Deborah Scroggins; brother, Thomas Scroggins and family; brother, Vince Scroggins; stepbrother, David Bartlett; stepsister, Hailey Bartlett and family; and dogs, Giorgio and Chompers."

Employment: "I recently graduated from Mercer University law school and I am now studying to sit for the Georgia Bar Exam. Previously, I tried criminal cases under the Third Year Practice Act at the Solicitor General’s Office at Houston County State Court as a law clerk."

Middle Georgia State Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English, Cum Laude, Class of 2013.

Career: "I recently graduated from law school, which is something I have dreamed of doing nearly my entire life. I enjoyed having the opportunity to practice criminal law while at Houston County State Court, and I am now preparing to sit for the Georgia Bar Exam. While studying for the bar is not a thrilling job, I enjoy learning (usually re-learning) the law and find the experience altogether gratifying."

Thanks to Middle Georgia State ... "I had the educational opportunity to be accepted to Mercer and succeed as a law student. The relationships I built while at the University have developed into friendships, and my time at MGA marks the fondest years of my education. My husband is now a Middle Georgia State Nursing student and is having the same valuable education and experiences."

Five years from now ... "I see myself as, first and foremost, a happy, healthy person enjoying life with my husband (this includes a lot of travel). I hope that I am a successful attorney in either the private or public sector who is able to offer what my clients need, and that I will have built a professional foundation where I can grow in my career."