Finding Greatness: Alan Stines

Author: Compiled by Larry Hollingsworth
Posted: Monday, July 24, 2017 2:30 PM
Categories: Finding Greatness | Faculty/Staff | Pressroom | School of Information Technology

Macon, GA

A graduate of what is now MGA, Alan Stines began his career with a University staff position and eventually became a member of the IT faculty.

Full Name: Alan Stines.

Full Title: Lecturer of Information Technology.

Degrees: Master of Applied Computer Science (Columbus State University, 2013);
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Macon State College, now Middle Georgia State University, 2007).

Describe your service to Middle Georgia State University and the community at large.

"I started working for Middle Georgia State University as a student at the technology help desk in the Library on the Macon Campus many years ago. After graduation, I became interested in a position to be a web developer in the Office of Technology Resources. I served at this post for many years. Many things got accomplished during that time but I think the toughest project our team ever encountered was building a consolidated website for the two institutions that merged to become Middle Georgia State. We had a very tight deadline to provide a highly flexible website and we powered through it. 'Accomplishments' can be hard to define in the field of Information Technology; most people just expect things to work all the time and like to gripe about when it doesn’t. In that respect my biggest 'accomplishment' was that things worked most the time, I didn’t break things too often, and tried to keep everyone happy."

What attracted you to a faculty position at Middle Georgia State University?

"By 2015 I had started picking up adjunct courses teaching web development in the School of Information Technology. It has been an amazing experience to see students learn something new (like coding/programming) and build cool and interesting things from it. In fall 2015 I took the leap to full-time instructor and enjoy the experience of seeing students’ potential develop into real skills. With the new position I’ve been able to reach out to more students, see them move out into the community for employment and participate with the local school systems to promote STEM education in Middle Georgia. There is a big need in our nation to get students into software development, programming, and coding and it can be a very difficult field to excel in. Getting more people involved in my field feels like a natural calling in life."

What do you like best about teaching at Middle Georgia State?

"I love the community at Middle Georgia State. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different departments and administrators across the University over the years and I can truthfully say that I’ve always felt that decisions are primarily based on our students’ needs. Many people work extremely hard in lots of places to make sure tuition dollars are used effectively. We all believe in the mission to be a pillar to our community, educate, and transform lives for those willing to seek knowledge. Our faculty, staff, and administrators carry their badge of responsibility in this regard very highly."

In your opinion, what does it take for students majoring in your discipline to be successful these days?

"As Yoda said, 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' Do not be afraid to fail.

What would students be surprised to learn about you?

"I’ve been hustled off-campus for skateboarding at 3 a.m. more than once in my life."