MGA Announces Summer 2020 President’s And Dean’s Lists

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, August 24, 2020 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


Middle Georgia State University (MGA) announces the summer semester 2020 President's List and Dean's List. Students on the President's List had a grade point average of at least 3.8. The Dean's List includes students who had at least a 3.5 grade point average. Students must take a certain number of credit hours to qualify.  The Dean’s List follows the President’s List:                                                                                                                                                  

The President’s List


Acworth              GA                                                                                                             


             Heather Brooke Hightower                                                                                               


Athens               AL                                                                                                             


             Audra L Friday                                                                                                         


Athens               GA                                                                                                             


             James Vincent Bozik                                                                                                    


Bonaire              GA                                                                                                             


             Katherine E Kiefer                                                                                                     

             Jessica M Rohde                                                                                                       


Buford               GA                                                                                                            


             Awatif Adel Ismail                                                                                                    


Byron                GA                                                                                                            


             Daniel Alan Burditt                                                                                                    

             Hitanshi S Mehta                                                                                                      


Cadwell              GA                                                                                                            


             Crystal Dee Howard                                                                                                     


Canton               GA                                                                                                             


             Casey Brooks Crosskno                                                                                                  


Centerville          GA                                                                                                             


             Alexander  Limbaugh                                                                                                    

             Mayuresh  Patel                                                                                                       


Chauncey             GA                                                                                                            


             Shannon Melissa Harrell                                                                                               


Cochran              GA                                                                                                            


             Megan Nicole Brown                                                                                                    


Cohutta              GA                                                                                                            


             Matthew Christopher Howell                                                                                            


Dry Branch           GA                                                                                                            


             Christopher  Nettle                                                                                                   


Eastman              GA                                                                                                             


             Kenny J Courson                                                                                                        

             Brett Burl Gardner                                                                                                    


Elko                 GA                                                                                                            


             Elaina L Culpepper                                                                                                    


Fayetteville         GA                                                                                                            


             Alexander  Madura                                                                                                     


Forsyth              GA                                                                                                            


             Anna Frances Pitman                                                                                                   


Gillsville           GA                                                                                                            


             Jacob  Yonce                                                                                                          


Hampton              GA                                                                                                            


             Wesley Neal White                                                                                                     


Hawthorne            CA                                                                                                             


             Timothy Paul Fields                                                                                                   


Kathleen             GA                                                                                                            


             Brittany Taylor Green                                                                                                 

             Kathleen  Leddy                                                                                                        

             Olivia Victoria Morris                                                                                                

             Catherine J Stembridge                                                                                                 


Leesburg             GA                                                                                                             


             Nathan  Warfel                                                                                                         


Lithia Springs       GA                                                                                                             


             Tiffany  Salaam                                                                                                        


Lizella              GA                                                                                                             


             Lisa  Bui                                                                                                              


Loganville           GA                                                                                                            


             Nija  Yellock Gibson                                                                                                   


Macon                GA                                                                                                             


             Camylla  Battani                                                                                                      

             Molly Deanne Bloodworth                                                                                                

             Heather Michele Dudley                                                                                                

             Iyanna Michelle Hunter                                                                                                 

             Gabriel  Kalel                                                                                                        

             Emily L Mainor                                                                                                         

             Grant Turner Nicholson                                                                                                

             Sonali  Patel                                                                                                          

             April Diana Vickers                                                                                                   

             Jathneil Anthony Wint                                                                                                  

             Trevor C Zukowski                                                                                                     


Marshallville        GA                                                                                                            


             Chris David Roquemore                                                                                                 


McRae Helena        GA                                                                                                            


             Kayla E Weeks                                                                                                         


McDonough            GA                                                                                                            


             Cody Mark Hubener                                                                                                     

             Christian Edison Samuels                                                                                              


Monroe               GA                                                                                                            


             Jesse B Reid                                                                                                          


Perry                GA                                                                                                            


             Sarah Renee Courchesne                                                                                                 


Quitman              GA                                                                                                             


             Destiny Marshay Ware                                                                                                   


Rincon               GA                                                                                                             


             Emma Grace Rawlins                                                                                                     


Sandersville         GA                                                                                                             


             Jeremiah Hakeem Crawford                                                                                               


Senoia               GA                                                                                                            


             Ariel  Bishop-Snipes                                                                                                  

             Scott H Cerilli                                                                                                       


Stone Mountain       GA                                                                                                            


             Alexander A Vernon                                                                                                    


Suwanee              GA                                                                                                            


             Austin Alan Baker                                                                                                     

             Joel N Lee                                                                                                            


Thomaston            GA                                                                                                            


             Sidrah  Khan                                                                                                          

             Casey James Shaw                                                                                                       

             Jaden L Speaks                                                                                                        


Villa Rica           GA                                                                                                            


             Lacey Rose Needham                                                                                                    


Warner Robins        GA                                                                                                            


             Macey Brynn Hale                                                                                                      

             Ashley N Lowry                                                                                                         

             Daniel Wheeler Napier                                                                                                 

             Alyssa N Spencer                                                                                                       

             Mallory Heath Stafford                                                                                                

             Jamie Danielle Strickland                                                                                             

             Amber A Van Atta                                                                                                      


Woodstock            GA                                                                                                            


             Casey Lyl Petty                                                                                                       


The Dean’s List                                                                                                                                    


Alamo                GA                                                                                                            


             Amber L Oliver                                                                                                        


Albany               GA                                                                                                            


             Jasmine Ciara Jones                                                                                                   


Alpharetta           GA                                                                                                            


             Kamy  Shah                                                                                                            


Americus             GA                                                                                                            


             Lawton Calvin Williams                                                                                                


Atlanta              GA                                                                                                            


             Stayce  Michelle                                                                                                      


Byron                GA                                                                                                            


             Brianna Alexandria Morgan                                                                                             


Chester              GA                                                                                                             


             Emily Gabrielle Warren                                                                                                 


Cochran              GA                                                                                                            


             Lynzee Abigail White                                                                                                  


Dallas               GA                                                                                                            


             Tyler Zahir Dawkins                                                                                                   


Danville             GA                                                                                                            


             Rachel Renee Whittle                                                                                                  


Dry Branch           GA                                                                                                            


             Jessica  Boyle                                                                                                        


Dublin               GA                                                                                                            


             Alexus  Chandler                                                                                                      


Eastman              GA                                                                                                            


             Megan Brooke Ruffin                                                                                                   


Enigma               GA                                                                                                            


             Chandra D Wells                                                                                                       


Forsyth              GA                                                                                                             


             Lily M Keck                                                                                                            

             Robyn Denyse Martin                                                                                                   


Gainesville          GA                                                                                                            


             Cody  Hammond                                                                                                         


Gray                 GA                                                                                                            


             Jacob Gage Walden                                                                                                     


Hardeeville          SC                                                                                                            


             Luis David Manzanarez                                                                                                 


Hawkinsville         GA                                                                                                            


             Lacee Chanlita Colson                                                                                                 

             Anna Caitlyn Rodgers                                                                                                  


Jesup                GA                                                                                                            


             Sean Michael Fidler                                                                                                   


Jonesboro            GA                                                                                                            


             Cameron Alyse Olawumi                                                                                                  


Juliette             GA                                                                                                             


             Katie M Cansler                                                                                                        


Kathleen             GA                                                                                                             


             Titus L Anderson                                                                                                       

             Brian Zachary Gorman                                                                                                  

             Baylee Ann Irby                                                                                                        

             Phillip  Jolin                                                                                                        

             Benjamin D Knapp                                                                                                       

             Sierra Estrella Olson                                                                                                 


LaGrange             GA                                                                                                            


             Titiana S Dean                                                                                                       

             Keynan J Hardnett                                                                                                     


Loganville           GA                                                                                                            


             Grayson P Locke                                                                                                        


Macon                GA                                                                                                             


             Savannah F Banks                                                                                                      

             Briana Shavandis Daniels                                                                                               

             Kaylie Joy Enfield                                                                                                    

             Philemon  Freeman                                                                                                      

             Alli Renee Grendow                                                                                                    

             Ahleiyah K Jefferson                                                                                                   

             Julian Mckinley Marshall                                                                                              

             Shauna Marie Mason                                                                                                     

             Damien  Maynard                                                                                                       

             Maegan J Mercier                                                                                                       

             Matthew Thomas Milliken                                                                                               

             Courtney Nicole Poole                                                                                                  

             Matthew C Sewell                                                                                                      

             April Williams Thomas                                                                                                  

             Sarah Elizabeth Wainwright                                                                                            


Mc Rae Helena        GA                                                                                                            


             Sabra Danielle Bourassa                                                                                               


Milledgeville        GA                                                                                                            


             La-Shonda M Burney                                                                                                    


Morrow               GA                                                                                                            


             Matthew J Teachout Bausin                                                                                              


Perry                GA                                                                                                             


             Madeline Daniel Lee                                                                                                   


Soperton             GA                                                                                                            


             Taylor Morgan Mccoy                                                                                                   


Statham              GA                                                                                                            


             Carson Chandler Koltes                                                                                                


Thomaston            GA                                                                                                            


             Dennis Michael Martin                                                                                                 


Union City           GA                                                                                                             


             Krystol Shanice Wilson                                                                                                


Warner Robins        GA                                                                                                            


             Adrienne Tyleisha Allen                                                                                               

             Chelsea Lynn Atkins                                                                                                   

             Laurel Kelly Craig                                                                                                    

             Meagan Ashley Hall                                                                                                     

             Ryan Michael Holt                                                                                                     

             Schantalyn Ariell Joseph                                                                                               

             Kamal K Mckenzie                                                                                                      

             Nicole  Robinson                                                                                                      

             Sedkaria Akilah Thompson                                                                                               

             Ivy Grace Thompson