MGA Announces Summer 2021 President’s And Dean’s Lists

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


Middle Georgia State University (MGA) announces the summer semester 2021 President's List and Dean's List. Students on the President's List had a grade point average of at least 3.8. The Dean's List includes students who had at least a 3.5 grade point average. Students must take a certain number of credit hours to qualify. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.          

The President's List


Alpharetta           GA                                                                                                             


             William J Mulligan                                                                                                     


Ashland              VA                                                                                                             


             Brianna Raquel-Marie Pangelinan                                                                                        


Atlanta              GA                                                                                                             


             Alexander J Giron                                                                                                      


Augusta              GA                                                                                                             


             Rebecca Leigh Nalley                                                                                                   


Bonaire              GA                                                                                                             


             Richard Hung Espinosa                                                                                                 


Broadway             NC                                                                                                            


             Stephen  Lebiedzinski                                                                                                 


Bronx                NY                                                                                                            


             Alvin  Franco                                                                                                         


Byron                GA                                                                                                             


             Jacey Bass Forbes                                                                                                      

             Jarrett T Heath                                                                                                       


Chattanooga          TN                                                                                                            


             Nicole G Sams                                                                                                         


Chicago              IL                                                                                                            


             Anjola  Seyi-Ojo                                                                                                      


Columbus             GA                                                                                                            


             Kennedy  Jones                                                                                                        


Covington            GA                                                                                                            


             Nicholas  Dezmal                                                                                                      


Cumming              GA                                                                                                            


             Nicholas John D'Amico                                                                                                 

             Ryan Matthew Nickum                                                                                                    


Dublin               GA                                                                                                            


             Mackenzie L Foster                                                                                                    


East Dublin          GA                                                                                                            


             Paul Felix Perkins                                                                                                    

             Brian Gabriel Zepeda-Castano                                                                                           


Eastman              GA                                                                                                             


             Camryn Renee Jones                                                                                                     


Elko                 GA                                                                                                             


             Ethan T Marshall                                                                                                       


Fayetteville         GA                                                                                                             


             Bentley  Chapman                                                                                                       

             Cameron A Mcelroy                                                                                                     


Forest Park          GA                                                                                                            


             Phouthalack Joe Inthasone                                                                                             


Fort Valley          GA                                                                                                             


             William Thomas Drew                                                                                                   


Gainesville          GA                                                                                                            


             Bobbisha Kerry-ann Campbell                                                                                           

             William Terry Crews IV                                                                                                 

             Stephen William South                                                                                                 


Gordon               GA                                                                                                            


             Desiree N Johnson                                                                                                     


Gray                 GA                                                                                                            


             Hope Nicole Hice                                                                                                      

             Conor  Mcelwee                                                                                                        


Griffin              GA                                                                                                            


             Victoria Rose Callaway                                                                                                


Hawkinsville         GA                                                                                                            


             Caleb Christopher Rooks                                                                                                


Hiawassee            GA                                                                                                             


             Seth Samuel Fullerton                                                                                                 


Jonesboro            GA                                                                                                            


             Gabbreille S Thomas                                                                                                   

             Rebekah  Wigley                                                                                                        


Kathleen             GA                                                                                                             


             Hayden Bailey Guile                                                                                                    

             Raymond Howard Mobley III                                                                                             


Kennesaw             GA                                                                                                            


             Anastasia G Thorpe                                                                                                    


Lawrenceville        GA                                                                                                            


             Michael Olayinka Owoh                                                                                                 


Leesburg             GA                                                                                                            


             John E Mcclung                                                                                                        


Lilburn              GA                                                                                                            


             Michael Tomas Labrada                                                                                                  


Lizella              GA                                                                                                             


             Lisa  Bui                                                                                                             

             James Otis Smith                                                                                                       


Macon                GA                                                                                                             


             Eleanor  Anderson                                                                                                      

             Angelina Maria Callaway Williams                                                                                      

             Haley Lynn Gordon 

             Patrick Lawrence Jackson                                                                                               

             Rachael Mae Jett                                                                                                      

             Nicholas R Kirkpatrick                                                                                                 

             Luke Keoni Maloney-grimes                                                                                             

             Kimberlee A Murphy                                                                                                     

             Griffin A Rogers                                                                                                      

             Shane Edward Smith                                                                                                     

             Angie Rene Smith                                                                                                      

             Elijah Andrew Stinehelfer                                                                                             

             Marisa Helen Ussery                                                                                                   

             Julie Ann Vasquez                                                                                                     

             Jessica Catherine Way                                                                                                 


Manchester           GA                                                                                                            


             Gregory  Copeland                                                                                                      


Marietta             GA                                                                                                             


             Jacob A Fountain                                                                                                      


McDonough            GA                                                                                                            


             Cody Mark Hubener                                                                                                     

             Kim Uyen T Nguyen                                                                                                      

             Kevin J Truong                                                                                                        

             Jon P Wheeler                                                                                                          


Milan                GA                                                                                                             


             Luke Siyu Rogers                                                                                                       

             Allee D Ussery                                                                                                        


Montezuma            GA                                                                                                            


             Haley Alexandra Melvin                                                                                                


Montrose             GA                                                                                                            


             Madison Laine Powell                                                                                                  


Moreland             GA                                                                                                            


             Matthew Chase Holloway                                                                                                


Norman Park          GA                                                                                                             


             Allison N Logan                                                                                                       


Ottumwa              IA                                                                                                             


             Tahj Denzel Bain                                                                                                       


Perry                GA                                                                                                             


             Brianna Lynn Harker                                                                                                    

             Lauren Wall Mitchell                                                                                                  


Roopville            GA                                                                                                            


             Michael Adam Cheney                                                                                                   


Roswell              GA                                                                                                            


             Sherrae  Adams-wilson                                                                                                 


Senoia               GA                                                                                                            


             Jacob Edward Carnrike                                                                                                 


Statesboro           GA                                                                                                             


             Armon Jacquez Moore                                                                                                    


Statham              GA                                                                                                            


             Carson Chandler Koltes                                                                                                


Stone Mountain       GA                                                                                                            


             Princeapice J Pittman                                                                                                 


Talking Rock         GA                                                                                                            


             Christopher Michael Couture                                                                                           


Temple               GA                                                                                                            


             Lauren  Rudy                                                                                                          


Tyrone               GA                                                                                                            


             Patrick N Ebanks                                                                                                      


Vienna               GA                                                                                                            


             Benjamin Brian Perkins                                                                                                


Warner Robins        GA                                                                                                            


             Jeffrey Chance Bone                                                                                                   

             Macey Brynn Hale                                                                                                      

             Amber Rae Mathis                                                                                                       

             Justin Wade Mclemore                                                                                                  


The Dean’s List


Acworth              GA                                                                                                            


             Diequindre  Boggs                                                                                                     


Adrian               GA                                                                                                            


             Bailey Shane Davis                                                                                                    


Alamo                GA                                                                                                            


             Amber L Oliver                                                                                                        


Albany               GA                                                                                                            


             Camron  Hill                                                                                                          


Atlanta              GA                                                                                                            


             Vanessa Jay Bass                                                                                                       

             James  Burgett                                                                                                        


Bonaire              GA                                                                                                            


             Emily Ann Davis                                                                                                        

             Caleb Elijah Mccool                                                                                                   

             Mathew Gerard Mcghee                                                                                                   

             Khylia Dashawn Powell                                                                                                 


Cleveland            AL                                                                                                            


             Peyton Nicholas Richards                                                                                              


Cochran              GA                                                                                                            


             Joseph Walker Jump                                                                                                    


Cohutta              GA                                                                                                            


             Matthew Christopher Howell                                                                                            


Covington            GA                                                                                                            


             Rose Marie Goddard                                                                                                    


Douglasville         GA                                                                                                            


             Kiahl Jah  Joseph                                                                                                     


Dublin               GA                                                                                                             


             Brittney Kawana Brantley                                                                                              

             Victoria Elizabeth Nunez Castillo   

             Daniel Dean Smith                                                                                                      


Dunwoody             GA                                                                                                             


             Tavarus Da'quan Adams                                                                                                  


Eastman              GA                                                                                                             


             Katie Graham Mullis                                                                                                    

             Mara Allison Rogers                                                                                                   


Edwardsville         IL                                                                                                            


             Walker Trenton Rhine                                                                                                  


Elko                 GA                                                                                                            


             Aaron M Williams                                                                                                      


Fayetteville         GA                                                                                                            


             Austin  Kim                                                                                                            


Fleming              GA                                                                                                             


             Logan T Howard                                                                                                        


Fort Valley          GA                                                                                                            


             Marisol  Perez                                                                                                        

             Alexis Talyah Smith                                                                                                    


Gillsville           GA                                                                                                             


             Justen T Voyles                                                                                                        


Gordon               GA                                                                                                             


             Quanisha Shanteal Wilson                                                                                               


Gray                 GA                                                                                                             


             Jared Daniel Beaver                                                                                                    


Hampton              GA                                                                                                             


             Monique  Parrish Tahir                                                                                                


Hawkinsville         GA                                                                                                            


             Courtney Marie Gillen                                                                                                 


Hazelhurst           GA                                                                                                            


             Kenny J Courson                                                                                                       


Heidelberg           MS                                                                                                            


             Joseph Scott Walker                                                                                                   


Kathleen             GA                                                                                                            


             Chezney Simone Dolehanty                                                                                              

             Larissa J Flores                                                                                                       

             Jalen J Harris                                                                                                        

             Phillip  Jolin                                                                                                         


Kennesaw             GA                                                                                                             


             Shelby Lynn Wheaton                                                                                                    


Lilburn              GA                                                                                                             


             Shawn  Mathew                                                                                                         


Locust Grove         GA                                                                                                            


             London Catherine Ray                                                                                                  


Macon                GA                                                                                                            


             Stephanie Cassandra Ash                                                                                               

             Kilee Cae Green                                                                                                       

             Amaya Chantel Hill-lowder                                                                                              

             Chiamaka Andria Ijemere                                                                                               

             Rahim  McCarley-Patel                                                                                                  

             Je'Niya DeAnna Nolen                                                                                                  

             Victravia  Saunders                                                                                                    

             Lauren Elizabeth Sims                                                                                                 

             Shannon Tamecia Snell                                                                                                  

             Janna  Turner                                                                                                         

             Mariz L Valenzuela                                                                                                     


McRae Helena        GA                                                                                                             


             Sabra Danielle Bourassa                                                                                                


McDonough            GA                                                                                                             


             Anil John Isaac                                                                                                        


Milan                GA                                                                                                            


             Matthew Christopher Graham                                                                                            


Milledgeville        GA                                                                                                             


             Catelyn Nicole Herring                                                                                                 

             Kevin Evans Veal                                                                                                      


Montezuma            GA                                                                                                             


             Tequier Tenesha Haslem                                                                                                 


Newnan               GA                                                                                                             


             Jaden Christopher Bolton                                                                                               

             Kristi Virginia Cook                                                                                                  


Perry                GA                                                                                                            


             Kyle Deshawn Byse                                                                                                     

             Megan M Gibbs                                                                                                          

             Callee Marie Yelverton                                                                                                


Rentz                GA                                                                                                            


             Trinity M Mendez                                                                                                      


Sandersville         GA                                                                                                            


             Shantavia Nicole Haynes                                                                                               


Senoia               GA                                                                                                            


             Ariel  Bishop-Snipes                                                                                                   


Sharpsburg           GA                                                                                                            


             John B Peters                                                                                                         


Snellville           GA                                                                                                            


             Mark E Everette                                                                                                       


Soperton             GA                                                                                                            


             Torri Marquel Hudson                                                                                                  


Stone Mountain       GA                                                                                                            


             Amber M Holt                                                                                                          


Warner Robins        GA                                                                                                             


             Thomas S Hartley                                                                                                      

             Michelle  Quimno                                                                                                      

             Montavious Honree Taylor                                                                                              

             Brittany Jordan Taylor                                                                                                

             Kathesia Renay Thomas                                                                                                 


Williamson           GA                                                                                                            


             Rebecca Howell Thomason                                                                                               

             David C Yokeley