Finding Greatness: Haley Kim

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, May 9, 2022 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


Newly graduated MGA nursing major Haley Kim is serving with the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, or USPHS Commissioned Corps. It is the federal uniformed service of the U.S. Public Health Service and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

Full Name: Haley Kim.  

Home: South Korea, raised there and in Japan.  

Residence: Macon.

Family: “I have a small family, as I am an only child. My family consists of me and my wonderful mother and father.”

Employment: U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS).

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Class Rank: Graduating with the spring Class of 2022.   

Campus: Macon.  

Career Goals: “I have always had a passion to serve communities in need and always dreamed of helping people in third world countries as a medical care professional since I was little. I will be achieving a longtime life goal through the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS) and I am grateful for this opportunity. I am currently in a Senior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (SRCOSTEP) as an active duty officer and will be promoted to first lieutenant after I graduate from the nursing program in May 2022. I am currently planning to serve more than 20 years in USPHS as a public nurse officer.”  

She chose Middle Georgia State University because … “MGA was the only school in Georgia that did not require me to have taken all of the prerequisite science classes within five years to apply to a BSN program. Since I am a non-traditional student, I had to retake all of the science prerequisite courses again in order to apply to BSN program at any other Georgia school. In addition, tuition at MGA and living expenses in the Macon area are very affordable compared to other schools in or around Atlanta.”  

The greatest thing she discovered about Middle Georgia State was … “All of the professors are very helpful and want you to succeed. I was definitely nervous going back to school and I heard that nursing programs are tough. However, all of the faculty members are eager to help you out if you are struggling. MGA’s buildings and classrooms are well maintained. Watching the geese at the Macon Campus lake and seeing the fountain are very relaxing. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the campus.”

Her greatest academic experience as a Middle Georgia State student has been … “The exam questions make you critically think, which can be tough in the beginning, but now I feel it is the most fun part.  The exams definitely prepare you for NCLEX (nursing license exam). As I do more clinical hours, I become more knowledgeable and observant. I learned tons from clinical professors in different specialties throughout four semesters. The nursing program is tough but that just makes it more rewarding and meaningful to me. As a Christian, I could not have done this without God. English is my third language and studying in a non-native language is a hard thing to do. These four semesters have been an unforgettable and special experience and I consider completing the nursing program to be a great achievement.”

To her, greatness means … “Being able to show love and provide help for individuals and communities in need. I truly believe that everyone deserves to be loved. I think if anyone is able to help others, then they are very blessed - beyond what they know. People can have the greatest, life-changing impact on someone with very little effort, by just saying simple and encouraging words or sending texts to others. Brightening up someone’s day by sharing your ‘greatness’ is much easier than we think!”

In five years … “I will be a first lieutenant public nurse officer assessing needs, identifying barriers and inequities, and translating findings into action to achieve wellness for individuals, populations, and communities. As a member of USPHS, I will be ready to deploy at any time in response to disasters and public health emergencies. I love traveling, seeing different things, and trying out new food. I always feel that experiencing different things outside of my comfort zone makes me have different perspectives and be able to see the same things from different angles. I also gain an understanding of different cultures. Hopefully, I will get to travel often. Also, I hope to be able to show my parents parts of the U.S. soon.”