Finding Greatness: Miracle Odom

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, October 17, 2022 12:00 AM
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Cochran, GA


Student leader Miracle Odom, a senior majoring in biology, is participating in magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) research with MGA faculty members. After graduation, she plans to join the U.S. Air Force and pursue a medical career.

Full Name: Miracle Odom.

Age: 20.

Hometown: Eastman.

Residence: Cochran.

High School: Dodge County High School, where she participated in competition/football cheerleading; science, math, and Beta Club member; dual-enrollment student at Georgia Military College; and an honor graduate and senior superlative.

Family: Grandmother, Vernell; brother, T’Shovie.

Current Employment: Bleckley Memorial Hospital.

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology.

Class Rank: Senior.

Primary Campus: Cochran.

Activities: Vice president of the Science Club; resident assistant; Mystery Theater cast member;  NAACP member; Women’s Empowerment Association member; REACH scholar; Zach C. Jones scholar; Ladies of Profession organization (Eastman).

Career Goals: “After graduation, I plan on joining the U.S. Air Force and going back to school to pursue a medical position within my branch. I would like to become either a certified nurse or physician’s assistant but have yet to make my decision. I would love the opportunity to serve my country and provide service to our troops.”

She chose Middle Georgia State University because … “It was close to home. I grew up in Eastman, which is only about 20 minutes from the Cochran Campus. I felt that this University would be a great place to start and earn my undergraduate degree. Since this campus/town was smaller, it gave me the same comfort as my hometown did.”

The greatest thing she discovered about Middle Georgia State was … “All the clubs and organizations that I could be a part of. Middle Georgia showed that there are so many clubs and groups out there that help me develop my interests. Enrolling in this University also allowed me to meet other people from different cultures and backgrounds. I got to make new friends, learn new things, and grow as a person.”

Her greatest academic experience as a Middle Georgia State student has been … “Working with Dr. Standridge and Professor Wallace in magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) research. I was able to do lab and field research at Sapelo Island related to this polyphyletic group of bacteria that are thought to play an important role in the cycling of certain elements, especially iron, in aquatic environments and have potential medical applications. I have never been offered an opportunity like this one and I am beyond grateful to have worked with such great professors.”

To her, greatness means … “Accepting myself for who I am but still being willing to become the best version of myself. Displaying your best qualities and overcoming challenges you may face represents greatness. This comes from working hard, staying focused, believing in yourself, blocking out distractions, and trusting that your work will soon benefit you.”

In five years … “I see myself having a medical position in the United States Air Force. I see myself traveling and helping to serve my country. I have always wanted to choose a career in the medical field, especially because it is a way I can give back to others, provide the best care I possibly can, comfort families, and help save lives.”