MGA Student Provides Critical Training for 911 Operators

Author: Alexandria Brooks
Posted: Friday, April 26, 2024 12:00 AM
Categories: Pressroom | School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Macon, GA

Shaynee Hogges

Psychology and criminal justice student Shaynee Hogges, 35, recently instructed a class on Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training, a special course designed to enhance 911 operators’ knowledge and abilities to assist in critical incidents. Although the Macon native is only a junior in her academic career at Middle Georgia State University (MGA), Hogges has already begun training seasoned professionals who have been in the public safety industry for years.

Hogges currently works at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) as a public safety trainer for 911. She had plenty of preparation for her current role after beginning her career as a 911 dispatcher—a job that took her by surprise, literally. 

“Ironically, I applied for a job as a Communications Officer at Macon-Bibb E911 not knowing that I would be a 911 dispatcher. Day one of training is when I found out that I had joined one of the best families to be a part of—public safety.” 

She realized she had a passion for public safety upon seeing the positive impact those in the industry have on local communities.  

“We play a vital role in shaping the well-being and functioning of society in ways unimaginable,” says Hogges. “We serve and protect communities, and we foster safe and secure environments for all.” 

While employed at Macon-Bibb E911 as a trainer, Hogges received an email regarding MGA’s online degree programs and the special services provided to Macon-Bibb Government employees via the University’s Office of Strategic Partnerships. Fellow E911 trainee and MGA student, Kierra Jones, encouraged her to follow her passion and pursue a degree.  

“I am so glad that she did,” says Hogges. “I am forever grateful for her.” 

Hogges is looking to advance her skillset through MGA’s psychology and criminal justice degree programs to become a clinical psychologist in order to provide vital support for first responders.  

“Public safety is the cornerstone of a thriving society. [We must] please remember to support the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to serve and protect us all.”  

In September 2023, Hogges took over as the CIT for 911 trainer at GPSTC and reached out to MGA Chief of Police Tripp Mitchell to host a class at the University.  

“Of course, he welcomed me with open arms.”  

Alongside her coursework at MGA, Hogges prepared to instruct the class by completing rigorous trainings and earning several certifications through public safety organizations including the GPSTC, the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

Sponsored by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Hogges provided CIT Training to MGA Police Department operators and stakeholders from multiple law enforcement agencies across the region in April. The class presented participants with advanced training in handling crisis calls involving individuals with mental illness, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and/or who are suicidal. At the end of instruction, participants received 20 hours of training through Peace Officer Standard & Training (POST) and were given a CIT for 911 pin.  

During her time at the University, Hogges says she has gained much more than just an education.  

“MGA has helped me find my greatness by providing me with a platform for personal growth, knowledge acquisition, skill development, and accountability,” praises Hogges. “Through exposure to diverse perspectives, rigorous academic challenges, opportunities for leadership and collaboration, MGA has helped me hone my talents, discover my passions, and cultivate the qualities needed to make significant contributions to my career and my community.”  

Most of all, Hogges is appreciative of the MGA community and Mitchell for their recognition and unwavering support during her academic journey, reaffirming her decision to become a Knight. 

“I am so grateful that MGA has provided me with access to valuable resources, networks, and mentors that support my journey to greatness. It is truly an honor to be recognized by the very place that has shaped me in such a meaningful way. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to share my story and be a part of MGA.”