Model Core Teaching Mentors and Fellows Program

Middle Georgia State University is strongly committed to improving student graduation rates. Progression through the Core Curriculum is the first important step in graduation regardless of major, and the Core Teaching Fellows Program was created in the Fall of 2012 specifically to address this issue.

The Core Teaching Fellows Program was designed to identify our best teachers in freshmen and sophomore courses. One Core Teaching Fellow was selected from each of the six departments teaching core courses based on an analysis of how well students did in subsequent core courses compared to their peers: Psychology and Sociology, Mathematics, English, Natural Sciences, History and Political Science, and Media, Culture, and the Arts. The selected faculty members were given the charge to compare their teaching styles and philosophies and identify common practices that promote student success. Two categories were identified:

  1. characteristics that are applicable across all disciplines and
  2. characteristics that are discipline specific

The Teaching Fellows presented their findings at a colloquium held at the end of the Fall 2012 semester, and faculty subsequently broke up into discussion groups led by Fellows to talk about specific teaching problems from their classes.

The program was expanded in the Fall of 2013 to begin implementing the recommendations which included creating a mentoring program where each fellow is paired with a member of his or her department in an effort to develop a grassroots approach that expands the use of these techniques throughout the department. The program is now identified as the Model Core Teaching Mentors and Fellows Program.