Momentum Year

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1: Build program maps in Degree Works whereby year 1 will include completion of thirty credit hours, core English and the required mathematics courses, as well as nine credits in the selected major

Update: Professional advisors have already been trained in the use of DW; faculty training has begun. Templates for all the degrees are being designed in DW that will establish a 4 year program map for the student in that major.

Goal 2: Establish various teams to develop recommendations for building an academic mindset

Update: Three teams have been built to work on recommendations on incorporating an academic mindset into 1) the curriculum, 2) the advising sessions, and 3) student life activities

Goal 3: Revamp orientation to include an academic introduction to the program/major, building relationship with departmental faculty and integrating career advising with academic advising

Update: An academic showcase was built into the summer’18 orientations. In addition, each academic department presented information about the major to the students prior to advising and registration.

Goal 4: Provide intrusive advising and mentoring by establishing and tracking caseloads for professional and faculty advisors

Update: Professional Advisors have been assigned to each academic School/College and have been assigned caseloads. Faculty advisors in some units have also been assigned caseloads of students for the purpose of tracking as well as mentoring towards graduation. All students who are dual enrolled or in learning support will be assigned a professional advisor as well as a faculty mentor.

Goal 5: Transition students in the ‘Undecided’ major into defined majors/programs of study

Update: Students declaring ‘Undecided’ as their major were linked to career services during the orientation process. Several advisors were also trained to use the career exploration software for helping students select a major. The goal is to completely transition all ‘Undecided’ students into defined programs of study by the end of the 2018-19 academic year.

Goal 6: Implement co-requisite remediation for English and Math

Update: A corequisite support course for English Composition I as well as Math Modeling has been offered. The Foundations course for students in Learning Support English was discontinued in the 2017-18 academic year. The Foundations course for students in Learning Support Math Modeling will be discontinued from fall’18 onwards.

Goal 7: Redesign selected gateway courses to improve student outcomes

Update: Two courses were redesigned and offered in the 2017-18 academic year. Two additional courses are being redesigned in the 2018-19 academic year-Algebra and the support course for English Composition I.