Eastman Housing

Aviation Hall

Photo of the exterior of aviation hall

Aviation Hall opened in Fall 2009 and was designed primarily for our aviation students who have a hectic schedule and extensive lab commitments. In addition to the four private bedrooms, there are two bathrooms, a small kitchenette with a full size refrigerator, and a living room. Again, with aviation students in mind, we've set this contract up for 12-month occupancy. Once a student has paid their housing fees for Fall and Spring semester, the student may then choose to remain in Aviation Hall during the summer sessions without paying additional rent. We also modified and reduced the cost of the meal plan to better suit the needs of aviation students whose schedule may not allow for consistent meal times. Keep in mind though, to remain in Aviation Hall during either summer session, the student must remain enrolled for at least one summer class per session. In addition, each student is required to pay the health fee per summer session.

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Residence Life Coordinator: Austin Goolsby

  • Housing Type: Apartment, with 2BR/1BA and 4BR/2BA options available
  • Single Rooms: 140
  • Room Size (Sq. Ft.): 102-112 sq. ft.; 2BR common area: 142 sq ft.; 4BR common area: 424 sq. ft.
  • Lease: 12 months
  • Price/Semester: $4,150

Pictures in the slideshow below are from a 2-person unit and most students will live in a 4-person unit.

outside shot of the dorm
the laundry room
a lounge in the dorm building
a dorm bathroom
a dorm kitchen
a student in the dorm kitchen
a student at a dorm room desk
a dorm room with one bed
a dorm room with one bed and a desk
arieal photo of the campus
arial photo of the control tower
outside shot of the dorm entrance