Campus Climate Survey Results

From November 1-22, 2019, the University administered its first ever Student Campus Climate Survey for Diversity & Inclusion. The National Institute for Transformation and Equity (NITE) provided the Culturally Engaging Campus Environments Model survey instrument. This report provides insight into the student perceptions of the diversity and inclusion climate on Middle Georgia State University's campuses. The report provides a baseline understanding of students' experiences and is meant to be used to support broad initiatives, to confirm or challenge existing perceptions, and to provide new information that has otherwise remained unknown. This report is not a study; but instead, reflects student responses to questions focused on various aspects of diversity and inclusion at MGA. The results of this report will be used to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives and outcomes moving forward.

Here are the highlights of the MGA Campus Climate Report:

  • One-third of survey respondents identified as Black or African-American; an additional 17% identified as either Latina, Asian, Bi- or Multi-racial, Other, or did not respond
  • Majority of respondents identified as female followed by those identifying as male
  • A little over 7% identified as having a disability
  • Most were in their first, second, or third year as a student
  • Almost 80% took the majority of their classes on the Macon and Cochran campuses
  • Almost half lived at home with family
  • 61% Agree or Strongly Agree that MGA is committed to fostering an inclusive environment
  • 54% Agree or Strongly Agree that diversity is a major priority at MGA
  • 70% Agree or Strongly Agree that if they need support, have a problem, or need information, they know a person on campus who they trust to assist them
  • 63% Agree or Strongly Agree that people on campus often send them important information about supports that are available
  • 54% Feel like they belong on campus

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About the NITE Campus Climate Survey

The Culturally Engaging Campus Environment Four-Year College Survey (CECE) administered was comprised of two additional modules - the Institutional Diversity Module and the Culturally Responsive Support Systems Module. The CECE Four Year College Survey is designed to measure perceptions of the overall college experience including areas like support systems, meaningful cultural engagement, and holistic support. The Institutional Diversity Module is designed to measure perceptions of institutional diversity, representation of marginalized groups, and experiences within the campus climate. The Culturally Responsive Support Systems Module is designed to measure students’ experiences with faculty and staff who make efforts to provide holistic, proactive, and humanized support.

About NITE

The overarching aim of the National Institute for Transformation and Equity is to create and utilize tools to assist postsecondary institutions in their efforts to examine, understand, and improve their campus environments and maximize success among diverse student populations.