Travel Policies and Procedures

T and E Module
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Phone: 478.934.3024 or 478.757.3602

Fax: 478.471.2097

Reimbursement of Travel

Reimbursement for travel includes, but is not necessarily limited to, per diem for meals, reimbursement for lodging, transportation (both personal vehicle and common carrier), parking, taxi, and other appropriate miscellaneous expenses.

Travel Reimbursement Deadlines
Per the State of Georgia Travel Policy, all travel should be submitted immediately after completion of the trip or event, ideally within 10 days.
Submitted within 45 days Qualifying expenses are reimbursable and excluded from traveler's taxable income.
Submitted over 45 days May be considered non-reimbursable by Budget Manager and/or Office of Finance. Additional approvals may be required if reimbursed.
Submitted over 60 days If reimbursed, becomes taxable income per IRS regulations, and will be included in the traveler's IRS Form W-2.
Submitted over 75 days Non reimbursable per MGA Travel Policy.

Maximum Intercampus Mileage Reimbursements:

Intercampus Travel One Way Mileage
Macon → Cochran 48 miles
Macon → WR 22 miles
Macon → Dublin 60 miles
Macon → Eastman 68 miles
Macon → MDA 18 miles
Cochran → WR 30 Miles
Cochran → Eastman 20 miles
Cochran → Dublin 32 miles
Cochran → MDA 36 miles
WR → Eastman 50 miles
WR → Dublin 50 miles
WR → MDA 27 miles
Dublin → Eastman 34 miles
Dublin → MDA 48 miles
Eastman → MDA 56 miles

The current per diem rates for meals effective 02/01/2022 is as follows:

Number of Meals Reimbursed Meals Reimbursed Maximum Allowable Expense (1)
3 meals per day breakfast/lunch/dinner $50.00
2 meals per day breakfast/lunch $27.00
breakfast/dinner $36.00
lunch/dinner $37.00
1 meal per day breakfast $13.00
lunch $14.00
dinner $23.00

There will be one standard per diem rate for all cities in Georgia. Incidentals are not included in the daily per diem rate. Travelers traveling overnight “In State” are eligible for 75 percent (75%) of the total per diem rate on the first and last day of travel.” Per USG policy, meal per diems are not provided for non-overnight travel.

When traveling, please use the Hotel/Motel Tax Exempt Form and the Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption. Complete the forms and present them to the front desk when checking in.
These forms can be downloaded below.

For a complete discussion of travel regulations, review the Travel section of the University System of Georgia's Business Procedures Manual.

For travel outside the State of Georgia, Middle Georgia State University uses the Federal per diem rates.

The per diem rates for foreign travel are located here.