Card Services

You may visit the following offices to obtain your Knight card:

Campus Location Hours Phone #
Macon Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Cochran Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Dublin Library 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Eastman Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Warner Robins Police Department
Academic Services Building
9am-11am (M-R)
4pm-6pm (M-R)

Replacement Cards

Replacement Cards are available at the Knight Card issuing location for each specific campus during regular business hours.

A card replacement fee will be charged for each replacement card. Once a replacement card is issued, the original card is no longer valid.

There are no refunds on replacement cards. If the original card is found, it cannot be reactivated and should be destroyed so that it is not confused with the replacement card.

* * * NOTE: You may wish to call ahead for a status

You will need to surrender your Blue Storm or Warrior card. Don't forget to bring it with you and have a copy of your schedule.
If this is your first MGA ID card, be sure to bring another form of ID and also your schedule.