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Letter from the President

When I arrived at Middle Georgia State four years ago, I assumed responsibility for helping a newborn institution
find its identity and mission. One year into consolidation, we set about defining the values that drive us and we
articulated them as stewardship, engagement, adaptability and learning.
The following year, as we united around those values, we became a university. It was a defining moment in our
history. As one of only four institutions in Georgia tasked with a blended mission and function, the state has asked
us to address regional needs.
We are to ensure both access to undergraduate education for first-generation college students preparing to enter
the workforce and the kind of lifelong learning and applied research that are the hallmarks of public universities. We
are now arriving at the end of our formative years, with a clear directive and important lessons learned.
In our second President’s Annual Report, we share some of our early successes
as we finish our first University Strategic Plan. A look back on our second year
as a university shows that we have made significant progress on all of our
priorities - in the classroom, in the public square, on the field and in the
In short, our students, faculty, sta , alumni and supporters are Delivering on
Our Values.
The environment in which we work remains fast changing. As we wrap up the
search for our next Chief Academic O cer, several other key positions on
campus have drawn seasoned professionals who share our values. Indeed, as
this institution approaches its fifth year, the future looks bright.
Our a ordability remains both a draw for students and parents, as well as a
challenge to the bottom line. Yet the data and stories captured here show that
our willingness to innovate prepares us to meet that challenge.
As we prepare to celebrate our fifth birthday as Middle Georgia State, we look
forward to working together to shape this region for many more years to
With Warm Regards,

Christopher Blake, Ph.D.
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