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Engaging Leaders

     Board of Regents Meeting

        Twice a year, members of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia meet at a University System school campus to see
        first-hand how their decisions impact the people of Georgia in communities across the state.
        This past October, for the first time in our history, Middle Georgia State hosted the Regents. More than 100 leaders from Georgia’s public
        colleges and universities came to Macon, providing us an opportunity to showcase the work of our students, faculty and sta during their
        The President gave the Regents an update on the University, while students and faculty from the School of Information Technology
        presented a Campus Highlight. Our guests also learned about our unique Aviation o erings when they attended a reception at the
        Macon Downtown Airport.
        The Regents and other leaders witnessed our values of stewardship, engagement, adaptability and learning, as well as the many ways we
        at Middle Georgia State help contribute toward the University System’s goal of a more educated Georgia.
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