BSW Field Education Program

Welcome to the BSW Field Education program at Middle Georgia State University (MGA)! At MGA, we truly believe that field education is the bridge between social work education and practice. We are proud to offer a field education program strongly grounded in social work values, and strong collaboration with the surrounding local community.


There is an application process for the field program, separate from application to the BSW program. Current enrollment in the MGA BSW program is important; however, does not guarantee admission into the Field Program. Only currently enrolled BSW social work candidates, nearing the end of their junior year are eligible to apply for the field experience. A separate application process must be completed in order for a student to be considered for the formal field program. Orientation for current BSW juniors occurs in the SOCW 3800 course during the spring semester before the field experience.

Students should apply to the BSW field program during the spring semester before the start of their senior year, which is typically the spring semester prior to the intended fall field start. Students will take the SOCW 3800: Practice Lab II course prior to entering the field experience, and should complete the field application by March 19 th.

Field Experience: Requirements

Basic Requirements to complete the field experience during the senior year include:

  1. Field seminar course sequence completion, as follows -
    1st SEMESTER:
    SOCW 4000: Direct Social Work Practice II
    SOCW 4300: Social Work Practicum & Seminar I
    2nd SEMESTER:
    SOCW 4500: Community and Organizational Change
    SOCW 4600: Social Work Practicum & Seminar II
  2. Participation in and completion of the Practicum sequence –
    400 practicum hours total;
    200 hours each senior semester; approximately 12 – 13 hours per week
  3. Maintain a grade of "B" or better in SOCW 4300 and SOCW 4600
  4. Adhere to appropriate Student Code of Conduct
IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS and for more information:

BSW Field Application (for current MGA BSW candidates)

BSW Field Education Handbook


Mr. Jay Johnson
Field Education Director