iLEAD Peer Educators

The iLEAD Peer Educator Program was established to provide the five MGA campuses with Peer Educators who provide programming and peer-to-peer mentoring to connect students to resources that increase persistence in college during challenging times. All Peer Educators complete NASPA’s Certified Peer Educator Training online plus MGA trainings in the fall and spring.

Meet the 2022-23 iLEAD Peer Educator team!

Amelia Davis

Hello! My name is Amelia but I go by Mimi! You can call me either 🙂 I am a Biology major in my Junior year and am on the Macon Campus. I look forward to being your advocate and helping you in your journey to success at MGA. Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions, need advice or just a friend to talk to. Let's have a great year!

Hanna Jones

Hey everyone! My name is Hanna Jones, and I am excited to be an iLead Peer Educator this year. I am proud to be in the nursing program here in Cochran. I will be beginning my third semester this fall and on track to graduate in May of 2023. My journey through college has not been conventional. At times it was rocky, and I struggled for a bit before landing at MGA. I was unaware of any campus resources that could have pointed me in the right direction or lead me to an experienced student who knew exactly what I was feeling. I know the stress and fear that bumpy road brings with it. With that being said, those bumps turned me into the student and person I am today, and for that I am grateful. My reason for joining iLead is to be a resource for anyone in need of direction. In my free time I like to be outside as much as possible. Sunshine and fresh air are good for my soul and helps keep my mental health positive. I also love to travel and experience new things. I am looking forward to another successful semester and to be a part of the iLead team.

Jake Dever

Hello, my name is Jake Dever, and I am one of the iLEAD Peer Educators at the Eastman campus. The goal of the iLEAD program is students helping students in the anyway we can! Whether it’s basic questions about what classes to take or more serious things like how to reach campus resources that can help with financial, mental, or physical concerns, our main goal is to be here for you and to help connect you with the resources and help you need! So here’s a little bit about myself. I’m a junior at the Eastman campus and currently training to be an airline pilot! I’m quite adventurous and nomadic, but on the down low, I truly enjoy rainy nights, staying in my room, and just illustrating. I’m quite loud, so you’ve probably seen or heard me in the halls, but I enjoy many outdoor activities and hope to one day sneak out to the Pacific Northwest. I love all things sports, and I’m a fierce Seattle sports fan, so watch out! And finally, my one hidden party trick is doing accents from around the world. I’m decent at them, and I probably could pass as an Australian in a pinch. Feel free to reach out to me. We’re all in this together; college is admittedly stressful, it’s a small town, and my team and I want to make sure you make the most of it!

Katie Arnold

Hello! My name is Katie Arnold and I am a third-year student here at MGA. I am double majoring in Aviation Science & Management and Business Administration, so I go back and forth between the Eastman and Cochran campuses. I decided to become a Peer Educator so that I could give back to the people who gave to me. I never would have made it as far as I have academically if it wasn't for my peers helping me along the way!

Kembra Holley

Hello! My name is Kembra Holley and I am an iLead Peer Educator. My major is Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-law. I am a senior this year and am taking classes on the Macon campus. I am also familiar with the Cochran campus, as that is where my first journey began. I’ve joined the iLead program to help myself develop my communication and leadership. My goal is to become a beacon to those who may need help finding resources that are available on campus and online while here at MGA. I am honored to be a Peer Educator and very passionate about helping our others and am willing to help out where I can.

Telera Whicker

Greetings students, my name is Telera Whicker and I’m a junior at MGA. Usually, I tell people to call me “T”. Since 2020, I’ve been pursuing a degree in accounting. I will graduate in December 2024 with this degree beside my name. The Warner Robins campus is where you can usually find me, but it you see me on the Macon Campus do not be scared to say “Hey.” The reason I became an iLEAD Peer Educator is to guide students on the path to success. I want incoming students to know of all the resources available to them, so they have a better freshman year than I had. In addition, I like to share my experiences. On the flip side, when I’m not in school I like to exercise, dance, try new things, and update my scrapbook. If you would like to reach out my email is: Let’s have a great semester!

Vickia Johnson

My name is Vickia Johnson and I am an iLead Peer Educator. I’m a Senior New Media and Communication major based on the Macon campus. I’ve joined the iLead program to get better at networking with other individuals and those on a professional level. My goal is to become a person that students can come to when they need help networking with their peers and communicating with professionals on the Macon campus. I am honored to be a Peer Educator and am happy to help others navigate their college experience, develop their networking skills, and find their leadership.