Page 3 - 2019 President's Annual Report
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Letter from the President

While they’re happening, 12 months do not seem to be a long period of time. When we look back on the previous year,
however, we can see that 12 months contain within them space for immense change. Our fourth year as a state
university has seen continued growth in enrollment, new academic programs, the start of several facilities projects,
increased engagement with our communities, and the launch of our new online campus, MGA Direct.

As we continue the journey laid out for us in the 2018-23 Strategic Plan – “Elevating Middle Georgia” – we strive to make
everything we do at Middle Georgia State the result of careful consideration and informed decision making – that is to
say, we strive to be intentional. Whether that means seeking alternative funding for needed capital improvements,
making connections with governmental leaders in developing academic pathways, or supporting our faculty who are
performing cutting-edge research, we know from experience that working in this way yields positive results for our
students and for our communities.

While these pages are a look back on 12 months of exceptional development,
progress, and lessons learned, they help us also to envision the future and see
something of the opportunities and challenges that will be facing us in the 12
months to come and the 12 beyond that. Thankfully, they also paint a picture
of a place and a group of people with the skill, the talent, the dedication, and
the experience to pursue those opportunities and face those challenges.

Kofi Annan said, “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in
every family.” It remains an honor for me to be a part of something that offers
that progress to current and future generations, and I thank you for your
continued support of Middle Georgia State University.

With warm regards,

Christopher Blake, Ph.D.
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