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                                                                                               Lakeview Pointe - New Macon Residence Hall

Doing more:                                                                                                                                           Enrollment Center
Enrollment growth at Middle Georgia State
                                                                                                       NUMBER OF STUDENTS ENROLLED
MGA continues to increase enrollment in the face
of changing higher education landscape                                                  9,000

As the landscape of higher education continues to change, and we find                                                                                  (8,066)
ourselves having to work more efficiently to carry out our mission, we are
proud to say that at Middle Georgia State, we’ve managed to grow enrollment steadily    8,000  (7,676)                                     (7,830)
over the past year, with both total enrollment and credit-hour production increasing
every semester since Summer 2018.                                                                         (7,414)    (7,341)

The team approach implemented during the previous academic year continues to pay        7,000
dividends as enrollment-related offices are more closely aligned with one another,
reducing duplicative effort, streamlining enrollment processes, and, generally,         6,000
improving coordination between units. New tools are continuing to come online,
improving efficiencies and communication and making the business of attending                  FALL 2015  FALL 2016  FALL 2017             FALL 2018  FALL 2019
college easier to manage.

One major driver in MGA’s continued growth is online programs, which gained a new
face this year as MGA Direct (see Adaptability section), a globally branded product
that allows both individual students and employees of corporate and community
partners to complete degrees via rolling admission and short, 8-week terms. MGA
Direct allows us to serve a growing number of adult learners with the resources we
already have in place.

As we start 2019-20, trends already are showing a continued increase in enrollment for
this academic year – and we look forward to continuing to serve even more members
of our local, state, and global communities.
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