Page 5 - 2019 President's Annual Report
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Intentional Growth:                                                        AABI Accreditation makes
Capital improvements to best serve students                                a good investment even better

New buildings, renovations, and road projects to build a                   Aviation degree the only program in Georgia
safer, more effective University                                           to be recognized by international accrediting body

Numbers of students and credit hours produced are not the only             As aerospace continues to be a significant driver in our state’s economy,
evidence of Middle Georgia State’s growth over the past year. As our       our School of Aviation offers a unique and sizable value proposition to
student population grows, so, too, must our facilities. We are pleased     students in Georgia. With some of the highest-paying and most
that we have been able to call upon resources from multiple sectors –      in-demand jobs in the state, those with aviation credentials have
private, public, philanthropic, and others – to make the wise investment   remarkable earning and advancement potential – and the value of an
of creating a more inviting, more accessible, more spacious, and safer     MGA Aviation degree has gone up, thanks to recognition from the
place in which our students and employees can live, work, and study.       Aviation Accrediting Board International (AABI).
During the 2018-19 academic year, construction started on two major        Middle Georgia State University’s
capital improvement projects, with others slated to begin work during      Bachelor of Science in Aviation
2019-20:                                                                   Science and Management – Advanced
In May, we broke ground on Lakeview Pointe, a 310-bed residence            Flight degree is now accredited by
facility on the Macon Campus. This new hall will roughly double the        AABI, making this degree program the
number of students who can live on the Macon Campus, meeting a             first in the State of Georgia to receive
longstanding demand for additional housing in Macon and allowing           this recognition.
more students to make use of the facilities and programs offered there.    Adon Clark, dean of the School of Aviation, said, “This is the culmination
The removal of a large earthen berm was the first phase of a road           of several years’ hard work on the part of everyone at the School of
improvement project for the Macon Campus, undertaken in partnership        Aviation. We’re proud to know that our dedication and commitment to
with Macon-Bibb County consolidated government. As a public facility,      quality has been recognized by AABI and that our students will continue
and as a major landmark in the west Bibb landscape, the Macon Campus       to reap the benefits of this accreditation wherever their careers take
serves as a thoroughfare for not only MGA students and employees but       them, here in Georgia or around the world.”
for community members. This road project, funded by SPLOST funds,          AABI is responsible for reviewing and accrediting aviation programs
will make the campus a safer and more inviting place for pedestrians       throughout the world. The accreditation process involves a detailed,
and drivers alike.                                                         comprehensive review of curriculum, operations, safety, and all other
In Cochran, major improvements in two facilities are underway, funded      aspects of an aviation program. Middle Georgia State received the
by state appropriations: Roberts Library and Dillard Hall are both         accreditation after a two-year review process.
undergoing major renovations during the coming year. The Roberts
Library project will create a more open and inviting space for students                                                               AABI Accreditation Ceremony
to learn and study and will make the resources available to our students
and community members better suited for study in the age of digital
information. Dillard Hall’s improvements will include more and
better-equipped laboratory space for students in our School of Health &
Natural Sciences, meeting the needs of some of our fastest-growing
Finally, we were proud to announce the coming of our University
Enrollment Center, to be located on the Macon Campus. This facility will
bring together the key enrollment-related offices under a single roof –
making it an inviting point of entry for students needing assistance with
going about the business of attaining a college credential.
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