Technology and Oral Competency Requirement

In order to receive a degree, students must demonstrate technology and oral competency through one of the following:

Technical Competency Online Module - effective 2010 fall semester

  • Has eight units that students complete and then a comprehensive final exam.
  • The module is entirely online and is self-paced.
  • There is no time limit for completing the module.
  • Students must accrue 60 points in order to satisfy the technical competency requirement.
  • Students must contact the Testing Services for enrollment into the module.
  • Upon module completion, documentation will be sent to the Registrar's office for academic record updating.
  • Call the Macon or Cochran Testing Services office to be added to the BrightSpace/D2L online module.

Oral Competency

  • Most students fulfill the oral presentation requirement in a FYES class or in their major area of study such as Nursing.
  • Students transferring into Middle Georgia State University may need to fulfill the oral competency
  • Guidelines for fulfilling the Oral Competency in the Testing Services
    • Duration is 3 to 5 minutes
    • Students may choose any subject
    • Note cards are allowed
    • Visual aids are optional
    • No Power Point presentations

To inquire about these exams please contact the MGA Testing Center at 478.471.2050, or send an email to