Planning: AY24-AY28

In spring of 2022, President Blake began a series of discussions with university leadership groups regarding the success of Elevating Middle Georgia 2018-2023 as the current plan entered its final year. He additionally asked what elements of that plan were less successful and which priorities should be carried over for a new plan. Over the summer, a poll was developed and administered to faculty and staff prior to Fall 2022 Convocation, at which time he presented the results to the entire campus community. Following that engagement, President Blake convened a Cabinet retreat to review the results of the spring discussions and the summer poll. Soon after, he appointed the Ad Hoc Strategic Plan Committee to develop a new five-year strategic plan for his review by the end of spring 2023 and, ultimately, for his presentation of the new plan at Fall 2023 Convocation.

Ad Hoc Strategic Plan Committee AY23

  • Dr. Kevin Cantwell, Special Assistant to the President, CHAIR
  • Dr. Stephen Svonavec, Director of Satellite Campuses (Dublin/WR Rep/Faculty), RECORDER
  • Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson, Faculty Chair of the Senate (Cochran Faculty Rep)
  • Mr. Charles Richardson, Artist in Residence, (Community Rep)
  • Ms. Margo Woodham, Executive Director of Admissions and Orientation (Enrollment Management)
  • Dr. Marc Miller, Dean, School of Business (Deans’ Rep)
  • Dr. Mary Wearn, Dean, School of Arts and Letters (Deans’ Rep)
  • Ms. Keisha Fields, Staff Council Chair (Foundation Rep)
  • Dr. Mary Roberts, Executive Director of Career and Leadership Services (Student Affairs)
  • Ms. Amanda Register, Payroll and Systems Manager (Human Resources)
  • Mr. Martin Kehayes, Chair, Aviation Maintenance (Eastman Rep)
  • Dr. Kendra Russell, Director of Program Innovation and Evaluation (Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Richard Kilburn, Interim Chair, Department of Mathematics (School of Computing)
  • Mr. David Sims, Associate VP of Facilities (Finance and Operations)
  • Ms. Samantha Boswell, Associate Director of Institutional Research (Office of the Provost)
  • Dr. Rod McRae, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development (Office of the Provost)
  • Ms. Modupe Oyewole, President, Student Government Association (Student)
  • Ms. Tracy Green, Board of Trustees, MGA Foundation (External Rep)