Institutional Mission, Vision and Values


Middle Georgia State University educates and graduates inspired, lifelong learners
whose scholarship and careers enhance the region and the state.



We transform individuals and our communities
through extraordinary higher learning.


We commit to four core values in what we do and represent:


Reminding us of our moral and public commitment to the people we serve on and off campus and tasking each of us with the responsibility to marshal our time, talents, and resources for the "Common Good"


Recognizing that learning is a social activity and that we cannot fulfill our mission of public higher education without collaborating with those on our campuses and outside our doors in our communities


A cornerstone of human growth, individual and collective, and a necessary hallmark of progress and success, requiring us to lead and manage change — not be simply affected by it


These values underpin that of learning, the reason we exist as an institution and why students entrust us and also what we each must do continuously as faculty and staff to stay abreast of expanding and changing fields of knowledge and grow professionally.