Mission and Program of the Department of History

The mission of the Department of History is to provide quality instruction in the fields of history at both introductory and advanced levels. The department offers introductory courses in American government, U.S. history, and world history for all students as part of the Core Curriculum and a wide variety of advanced history courses in support of the baccalaureate degree programs. The Bachelor of Arts degree in History is designed to teach history majors to learn to analyze sources of information and draw objective conclusions. While history is the study and interpretation of past events, the research and analytical skills learned in history courses are applicable in nearly every field of professional endeavor. While the largest sector of employment for history majors is in secondary education, many history majors find careers in the electronic and print media, politics, government service, non-profit organizations, and lobbying, among other areas. The department actively supports historical research on the part of both faculty and students, as a means of promoting deeper understanding and open intellectual discourse. The faculty of the department is also engaged in outreach activities designed to increase historical and political awareness both within the College and within the broader Central Georgia community.

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