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University Designation             Experiential Learning@MGA Launch                     Aviation Expansion       First Fall

Timeline July ‘15                  Aug. ‘15                                  Oct. ‘15                 Dec. ‘15

                   Aug. ‘15                                        Sep. ‘15            Nov. ‘15

                   Strategic Plan                                  First Homecoming    Cybersecurity
                   Launch                                                              Center Launch

Living Our Values:                                                     A look back on our first year as a university shows that we
                                                                   have made significant progress on all of our strategic
Greatness in the Making                                            priorities - goals that extend beyond the classroom and into
                                                                   the community. As our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and
    Just over two years ago, I was honored to be inaugurated as    supporters continue to work together, Middle Georgia State
Middle Georgia State’s first permanent president. In the months    University’s collective experience paints a clear picture of
leading to that inauguration, we, as a community, articulated      “Greatness in the Making.”
four core values - stewardship, engagement, adaptability, and
learning.                                                              The data and stories captured here provide a glimpse into
                                                                   the incredible return on investment made possible through
    While the traditions of the people who make up our campus-     ingenuity and creativity across the institution. If our first year as
es are as diverse as the communities from which we hail, we are    a university has taught us anything, it is that greatness is
united in our mission. Our task has always been, and continues     within our grasp.
to be, one of individual and collective transformation.
                                                                       Thank you for your continued support
    Having completed our first year as a university, I am pleased  in our efforts to add value to the vibrant
to present our inaugural President’s Annual Report. In it, we      region and state we call home!
share some of the challenges we have overcome and successes
we have celebrated in 2016 related to each of our core values.     With warm regards,
                                                                   Christopher Blake, Ph.D.
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