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Attracting More Students                                                   Awarding Life-Changing Scholarships

     The biggest challenge Middle Georgia State faced as we became a           Our mission at Middle Georgia State is transformation. For first-
university was declining enrollment.                                       generation college students, a degree changes a family’s trajectory.

    From Fall 2011 through Fall 2015, our headcount dropped steadily           Yet, even with the lowest tuition in the state university sector, some
from 9,126 to 7,676 students.                                              of our students cannot afford a baccalaureate degree. That is where our
                                                                           philanthropic partners step in and help us change lives through the
    In Spring 2016, we began to turn that around with our first            Middle Georgia State University Foundation.
enrollment increase in five years. This Fall, we built on that success,
not only meeting our goal of flat enrollment but exceeding it. Attracting                                      Tiffany Souther knew she wanted to
7,714 students from 16 countries, 29 states, and 144 Georgia counties                                      pursue a career in clinical psychology
resulted in a 0.5% enrollment increase over last fall.                                                     with an emphasis on autism and other
                                                                                                           psychological disorders. As a single
    We defied national trends in reduced college enrollment, which were    $356,852                        mother of two, she understood
particularly acute in Georgia at institutions south of metro Atlanta.                                      first-hand the huge demand in this
These results mean that for the first time in years, the most affordable   in scholarships                 field after waiting a year to have her
university in Georgia will not have to weather another cut in state        awarded by the                  own child evaluated and diagnosed
appropriations next year or the one to follow.                                                             with autism. In addition to her family
                                                                           MGA Foundation                  responsibilities, she worked full time
    Moreover, this            Freshman Index                                                               while maintaining a full academic load.
year’s incoming                                    2484                                       in 2015-16
class boasted our
highest-ever average    2500     2392                                          Last November, Souther found herself at a crossroads. The
Freshman Index          2450                                               courses required to complete her degree clashed with her ability to
score, which was up     2400                                               work full time and care for her children. She knew she would have
by 92 points—on         2350                                               to either quit her job or quit school.
average 12 points on    2300
the SAT Verbal, 8                                                              With a Middle Georgia
points on the SAT                                                          State University Foundation
Math. This resulted in                                                     scholarship supported by
24 percent fewer                                                           the Georgia Wine & Spirits
traditional freshmen                                                       Foundation, Souther was
at MGA requiring                                                           able to quit her full-time job
learning support.                                                          and focus on her studies.
                                                                           Souther is on track to
                              Fall  Fall                                   graduate with a 4.0 GPA in
                              2015  2016                                   Spring 2017.

                        Freshman Index = GPA + SAT or ACT                                                  2015-16 MGA Foundation Scholarship recipients,
                                                                                                           including Ti any Souther (bottom right)
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