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Living and Learning on Campus

    Like many institutions, Middle Georgia State requires freshmen to live on
campus, although there are some exceptions for students with permanent
addresses in the University’s primary service area. Residential students find
their homes at student housing in Cochran, Eastman, and Macon.

    The advantages of living on campus are well documented. Residential
students tend to enjoy college more, make better grades and graduate on

    Yet, in recent years, enrollment decline - particularly at the University’s
primary residential campus in Cochran - had resulted in low occupancy rates.
We have seen significant improvements in this area. In fact, on the Macon
Campus, residential demand far outpaces supply. In Eastman, the hub of our
School of Aviation, residence halls are full.

    As for Cochran, with its        Occupancy Rates
idyllic small-town setting,
occupancy rates have risen,   100%            88%    90%
thanks to growing              75%
opportunities for             50%   72%  73%
co-curricular activities,
including NAIA athletics,     25%
Greek Life, and other
student organizations.              ‘13 ‘14 ‘15 ‘16
Overall, housing occupancy
rates at MGA have jumped
from 72 percent in 2013 to
90 percent this Fall.
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