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ment            Greek Life Launch    New Provost                                         Georgia VECTR
                                     Arrives                                             Center Opening

                March ‘16                   Aug. ‘16                                     Aug. ‘16

      Jan. ‘16             June ‘16                                     Aug. ‘16                        Oct. ‘16

Grad Programs              SACS Approval                                Athletics Expansion           USG Service Excellence
Launch                     of Level Change                                                            Institution of the Year Award

      Investing in Learning                                             Where Our Money                  Where Our Money
                                                                            Comes From                             Goes
          Growing into a university - while addressing concerns about
      rising college costs - has meant operating on one-third less      11.2%                                 14.7%
      tuition than our counterparts in the state university sector.                                      15%
                                                                                  51.8%                                     50.5%
          As the most affordable university in Georgia, rapid change
      has meant asking our faculty and staff to accomplish more,        37%                              8.7%
      driving bolder work and vision with modest resources.                                                   11%
          Together we advocated for resources, seeking and receiving
      support from decision-makers by demonstrating our value to        State Appropriations (51.8%)  Instruction (50.5%)  Student Services (8.7%)
      the University System of Georgia, legislators, and community      Tuition (37%)
      partners.                                                         Other General Funds (11.2%)   Research (0.1%)      Institutional Support (15%)

          In fact, by keeping our focus on our core stakeholders – our                                Academic             Plant Operations
      students and communities – we won the 2016 University                                           Support (11%)        & Maintenance (14.7%)
      System of Georgia Service Excellence Gold Award for
      Institution of the Year.
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