Financial Counseling

Peer Counseling

Personal finance is one of the last things busy university students want to think about. But learning to handle finances and live on a budget are vital to students' success, not only while they are in school but later when they begin careers and families.

That's why Middle Georgia State University offers a Peer Financial Counseling program. The mission of the program is to provide a basic understanding of personal financial management to university students to help them succeed when faced with life's challenges and opportunities. A portion of our Financial Counseling sessions may be conducted by students who have been through Peer Financial Counseling training serve as peer counselors to help other students with money management skills. Students helping students!

Peer Financial Counseling is a wonderful addition for a student's resume because of the financial knowledge that is offered, the public speaking opportunities, and the volunteer opportunity to help their peers. For more information on how to join Financial Counseling, please call 478.387.0580 or click here to download an application and email it to .

Requesting a Presentation

Financial Aid Counselors are available to speak to classes, groups or at special events. For a description of session topics, please click here. Want to book an appearance? Call 478.387.0580 or email at least three weeks in advance with the subject line “Peer Financial Counseling”. We look forward to working with you!

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