Separation of Employment

When a manager becomes aware that an employee is leaving his/her position, the separation process must be initiated as soon as possible. Timely separation action is necessary to coordinate and manage the separation process and to ensure accurate processing of final pay.

To ensure that employee terminations (voluntary or involuntary) are handled in a professional and timely manner with minimal disruptions, below are the instructions for processing an employee separation.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities

  • Provide written notice of resignation or intent to retire to supervisor. For a notice of resignation, a minimum notice of ten (10) working days is requested.  The supervisor may designate an earlier final date of employment.
  • Separation checklist for employee
  • Return university property to the following departments:
    • Bursar’s Office – Financial obligations (parking, library, student account, etc.)
    • Facilities – keys (building, office, etc.)
    • Finance & Operations – (P-card)

Office of Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Send an email to the separating employee that will include the following information:
    • Exit Letter to include benefits information
    • Department of Labor Separation Notice (Form DOL-800)
    • USG Exit Survey (separate email will be sent)