Tutoring Policies

To utilize the MARC's Tutoring services, you MUST abide by the following rules:

  1. You must be currently enrolled at MGA in a course tutored by the MARC.
  2. You may have up to two hours per week, not exceeding one hour per day.  Any no-shows will count against your time for the day and for the week. 
  3.  You must arrive to your session on time​. Your tutor will wait for 20 minutes if your session is an hour session and 10 minutes if your session is a half hour session.  After this time, you will be considered a ​no-show. 
  4. Three no-shows will result in a suspension of your scheduling privileges. If you receive another no show after the suspension is over, your tutoring privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the semester.  
  5. Your tutor will not help you with Quizzes or Exams. For homework questions, your tutor will work a similar problem.
  6. You MUST arrive to sessions prepared.

    Preparation includes attending class, completing the course homework/classwork and coming with questions or content you would like to review. Tutors will not complete graded assignments with or for you unless approved by the instructor.