Class Rolls

SWORDS has the most current information on enrollment in classes. Enrollment can change in a number of instances which can quickly obsolete a paper roll run at the beginning of the term. For example, changes would occur if the student dropped the class during Drop/Add, simply withdrew with a W or WF grade, or if the Bursar's Office authorized the re-registration of a non-paying student who has made the necessary financial arrangements to remain in school. It is recommended that faculty review their class roll in SWORDS at least weekly to update who is in class.

At the beginning of the semester, after the Registrar notifies the faculty and staff that non-paying students have been dropped, faculty must review class enrollment to identify students who are not on their SWORDS roll, but are attending class. These students must be sent to the Registrar's Office (or administrative offices on one of the other campuses) to confirm the drop. These students will be referred to the Bursar's Office and/or Financial Aid to make payment or aid arrangements should they wish to be re-enrolled. If a student is not on the class roll, he/she is not registered for that class and will not receive a grade at the end of the term. Students who are not on a roll must not be allowed to remain in class.

At the end of the term, before classes end, faculty should review an up-to-date SWORDS roll with who is in class. Again, students who are not on the roll must be advised of the situation and sent to the Registrar's Office to resolve the problem. Otherwise, they will not receive a grade for the course. Students who are not on class rolls at the time grades are due at the end of the semester will have to petition the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for the grade after satisfying any financial obligation to the College. If the petition is approved after the AVPAA's review of the circumstances, the Registrar will post the grade and notify the student.