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Drop and Add Instructions

Withdrawing From Class

Students are responsible for withdrawing from their classes through the Registrar's Office. The university does not automatically withdraw students for non-attendance. Students should also not assume the university has withdrawn them if they have not paid. If they decide to not attend or want to drop courses or just stop coming to class, they must execute a withdrawal online or with the Registrar's Office (or the administrative office of one of four campuses.)

How do I withdraw?

Students have several options in withdrawing from a course or withdrawing completely from the university:

  1. You may make a change (add or withdraw) to your course schedule online through SWORDS depending on the time-frame involved. This option does not apply to students who have registration holds, such as for Learning Support Advisement, new students prevented from Web Registration, immunizations, transcripts, etc. Information concerning how to withdraw online is available at the Registrar's Office and the Warner Robins campus. Students who withdraw online through SWORDS should print a copy of the screen confirming the withdrawal for their records. Online withdrawals are ultimately the responsibility of the students who use this service.
  2. Students may withdraw from a class or the university at the Registrar's counter in the Student Center Life (SLC-204) on the Macon campus or at the administrative offices located at one of the other four campuses.
  3. In extenuating circumstances, you may complete the drop form and either mail or fax it to the address/fax number noted below. You should note the circumstances on the form for our records. We recommend you call or e-mail us to ensure we have received your mail or fax request and confirm that it was processed. If you encounter any difficulties in withdrawing because of a special situation, you may e-mail for assistance. Office of the Registrar, Middle Georgia State University, 100 University Parkway, Macon, GA 31206. FAX: 478.757.2621

General Information

  • Before Drop/Add (schedule adjustment period) ends, students may totally withdraw or cancel their registrations with no grades awarded and all tuition and fees refunded. This may be done online or through the Registrar's Office, or through the administrative offices in Warner Robins.
  • Schedule Adjustments (Drop/Add) After classes begin, typically for a four-day period, students may adjust their schedules with a refund for each course dropped and no grades awarded. Second Session class adjustments may be made through the second day of class. After these periods are over, no further adjustments are permitted. Maymester class adjustments are restricted to the first day of class.
  • After Drop/Add ends, students may withdraw online (SWORDS), through the Registrar's Office, or at an off-campus center. Students unable to do so for a valid reason (i.e. out of town for an extended period or an emergency) must contact the Registrar's Office at 478.471.2900 or email . During this period, grades are awarded according to the schedule published with no refunds unless the student totally withdraws from the university. Total withdrawals accrue "pro-rata" refunds according to a schedule published by the Bursar's Office.
  • Middle Georgia State University limits the total number of courses from which students may withdraw over the course of their matriculation. Students may withdraw from a maximum of five (5) courses. Once students reach the five (5) course limit, all subsequent withdrawals will be assigned grades of "WF"
  • Total Withdrawal from all classes: If you withdraw from all classes you are enrolled in for the term, and you receive Financial Aid (PELL, SEOG, Stafford and Plus Loans), and you have incurred Campus Store charges, you may be eligible for a reduction in your Title IV debt by returning your books to the Campus Store. You must see the Campus Store for specific details. Students who wish to withdraw from the university must complete the Withdrawal Form, obtaining the required signature from the advisor, and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar at the Macon campus or the administrative offices at other campuses. Withdrawal is not complete until all withdrawal procedures have been properly executed. Total withdrawal during Drop/Add does not result in the award of non-punitive withdrawal grades.
  • As stated in the catalog, students may not withdraw from the university during the last two weeks of a semester.
  • A grade of "WF" is computed the same as an "F" in the Grade Point Average.
  • Non-attendance or non-payment of fees does not automatically result in a student being withdrawn from classes. Non-attendance could result in an “F” on your student record regardless of whether you attended class or not.

Military withdrawals Due to deployment

Students who are unable to continue their enrollment may request to be withdrawn with a full refund and the award of non-punitive "WM" (Withdrawal - Military) grades upon submission of deployment orders or other documentation from their commander substantiating the withdrawal. Board of Regents criteria is quoted as follows:

Subject to institutional policies, full refunds of tuition and mandatory fees and pro rata refunds of elective fees are hereby authorized for students who are:

  1. Military reservists (including members of the National Guard) who receive emergency orders to active duty after having enrolled in a University System institution and paid tuition and fees;
  2. Active duty military personnel and who receive an emergency reassignment after having enrolled in a University System institution and paid tuition and fees.
  3. Otherwise unusually and detrimentally affected by the emergency reassignment.
    1. Military reservists (including National Guard) who receive emergency orders to active duty after having enrolled in a University System institution and paid tuition and fees;
    2. Active duty military personnel and who receive an emergency reassignment after having enrolled in a University System institution and paid tuition and fees
    3. Otherwise unusually and detrimentally affected by the emergency activation of members of the reserve components or the emergency deployment of active duty personnel of the Armed Forces and who demonstrate a need for exceptional equitable relief.