Refund Policy

General Information

  • Absolutely no refunds or exchanges are accepted without an original cash register receipt. No exceptions can be made. Copies are not accepted. For online purchases from the e-Store, an online confirmation slip or the packing list included with a textbook order may serve as a receipt.
  • All returns are subject to management's scrutiny. The Campus Store reserves the right to refuse any item for refund.

Cut-Off Dates for All Refunds and/or Exchanges

  • First ten business days of Fall and Spring Semesters and first five business days of Summer Semester.
  • All refunds or exchanges must have an original cash register receipt.

Course Material Refunds

  • Textbooks in their original condition and/or in unopened packaging, accompanied by your original cash register receipt may be returned for a full refund as outlined below:
    • Fall & Spring Semesters:Through the close of business after the first ten business days of classes.
    • Summer & Short Sessions:Through the close of business the fifth day of classes.
    • All textbook purchases made after the refund/exchange dates are final.
    • Books must be returned in NEW condition for a 100% refund. Books with writing, highlighting, earmarks, bumped corners, etc., will be refunded at the same amount as the retail price of the USED textbook. The Campus Store reserves the right to refuse any item for refund based on the condition in which the item has been brought back. Books with water damage and/or missing pages are not returnable.

General Merchandise Refunds and Exchanges

  • Most general merchandise in new condition and/or in its original packaging and accompanied by your original cash register receipt may be exchanged within 5 business days from the date of purchase.
  • Clothing must be new and have original hang-tag(s) attached to be eligible for exchange.
  • All computer/technology and electronics items, including CDs, DVDs, and calculators are non-returnable. Defective products must be reconciled with the manufacturer according to the terms of the item's warranty and are not returnable to the store.
  • Food, beverages, health & beauty supplies, and personal hygiene products are non-returnable.