Food Services & Vending

Aladdin is Middle Georgia State University’s provider for complete food service. Aladdin’s services include hot meals, sandwiches, and other fast order items. Food services are provided on all campuses; however, services are varied depending on facilities available and needs of individual campuses. Aladdin offers catering services on all campuses. All student groups and off campus visitors can utilizes these services. For more information please visit the Dining Services website. For a listing of contact numbers for each dining establishment, please see below:


Camelot Court - 478-471-2858 - 1st Floor Student Life Center

Subway - 478-471-2079 - 1st Floor Student Life Center

Papa John's- 478-471-3626 - Wellness Center

Library Cafe - 478-471-2738 - Library (temporarily closed)

Cafe Diem - 478-477-0958 - 1st Floor Professional Sciences Center 


Georgia Dining Hall - 478-934-0780

Papa John - 478-934-7118 - Wellness Center

Sanford Cafe - 478-934-3157 - Sanford Hall 

Warner Robins

Knight's Express - 478-929-6720 - Thomas Hall (temporarily closed)


Runway Café - 478-374-1367 -  Main Campus 

 *Please note: Food orders must be placed in person and cannot be accepted over the phone.


Beverage, snack and laundry vending services are offered through MGA’s six campuses. Beverage and snack vending machines accept credit, debit, cash, coin, ApplePay and Google Wallet payment methods. Beverage and laundry vending machines accept Duke Dollars through use of the Knight Card. Refunds for beverage and snack vending can be requested in person at the Campus Store. For any questions or concerns related to campus vending, please contact Auxiliary Services at .