students in a biology lab
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biology students cooking while out in the field
biology students cooking while out in the field


The B.S. Biology program at Middle Georgia State University provides students with a strong foundation in biological sciences while maintaining the flexibility in elective offerings to allow students to pursue their unique career goals. Students graduating with a B.S. Biology degree pursue many different career paths including going on to professional schools (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary, etc.) graduate programs in ecology, wildlife sciences and agriculture or directly into the workforce. The Biology program emphasizes experiential learning and we offer ample opportunities for students to engage in both laboratory and field work.

Loading a gelDepartmental faculty offer undergraduate research projects where students learn to use scientific skills, how to read instrumentation and data analysis. Students are encouraged to present their results at national meetings and have won awards for their outstanding research! For the past several years, the Department has received in excess of $150,000.00 in grant monies from the USG STEM III & IV Initiative Grants that have been used to support undergraduate research projects. Students are encouraged to present their research at the Undergraduate Research STEMposium and other local scientific meetings. At present, students are working on projects related to coastal ecology, plant genetics, microbiology and parasitology.


If you want an educational experience customized for your career goals, look closely at the Biology program at Middle Georgia State University!