Professional Pathways

Preferred Majors

Most universities, including Middle Georgia State, do not offer majors called "pre-law," "pre-med," etc. Choose a major in which you are genuinely interested and can excel. Work with your advisor to make sure you complete courses that will prepare you for your entrance exam and for your eventual professional degree work. Build relationships with professors who can evaluate and recommend you for admission to professional school.


MGA's pre-professional advisors are experienced with the application processes for these programs; they regularly attend training and admissions events at professional schools and invite admissions counselors to campus to meet with interested students. They also offer mock interviews to help students prepare for the interview portion of the application. For pre-professional advising, please contact

  • Macon campus--Department of Natural Sciences--pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy
    • Dr. Donna Balding  
    • Dr. Vicki Guarisco  
    • Dr. Christine' Rigsby  
  • Cochran campus--Department of Natural Sciences--pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy
    • Ms. Christie Canady  
    • Dr. Sharon Mozley-Standridge  

Entrance Exams

Be aware of deadlines, costs, and how best to prepare for your professional school entrance exam, including recommended courses and how to get ready for the exam itself.

Required and Recommended Courses

Learn which courses you should take to make yourself a strong candidate for a professional program, and get details about GPA expectations and calculations.

Additional Qualification Steps

Plan ahead to fulfill additional expectations for applicants such as recommendation letters and job shadowing.